Endoscopic (Brow / Forehead Lift)

brow / forehead lift

Over time, you may have lost the arch in your eyebrows, or perhaps you have sagging skin on your forehead that gives you an angry or tired appearance and you would like to get rid of it. In either of these instances, you can regain your once-youthful appearance by having a forehead lift, or endoscopic brow lift. This is a very popular procedure for those wishing to reverse the aging process, and it is also a great cosmetic procedure for younger people with hereditary traits such as a low brow or deep frown lines.

What is an endoscopic brow lift? Is it the same as a forehead lift?

Both of these procedures achieve the same results and are the same. The endoscopic brow lift differs from the classic lift in that it requires several small incisions rather than one long one, and the result is less scarring, pain and decreased healing times, making the endoscopic brow lift a great alternative for many patients. It is also commonly called an endobrow lift, an endoscopic brow lift, and open brow lift or temporal lift. An endoscopic brow lift is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in existence today, and corrects sagging skin of the forehead, eyelids, and eyebrows.

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Who is the best candidate?

The best candidate for an endoscopic brow lift is someone who is in good physical and mental health. It helps if you know exactly what you want to change about the appearance of your forehead or brow before your initial surgical consultation so your doctor knows the best way to help you achieve the look you want. During the consultation, your surgeon will take your complete medical history, and also ask you about any medications you are currently taking – you should also make your surgeon aware of any facial cosmetic procedures that you have had in the past, and of any that you plan to have in the future. This information is important to how your surgeon will approach your surgery and will provide you with the very best outcome.

Keep in mind that if you are on blood thinning medications, you may not be an ideal candidate because of problems with excessive bleeding.

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What can be achieved with an endoscopic brow lift?

Before to your brow lift, your surgeon will sit down with you to determine exactly what you want to correct with the surgery. Your surgeon will evaluate your entire forehead region, including your eyebrows and eyelids. You may also be asked to make a variety of facial expressions so he or she can note the muscles and determine the best way to help you.

During surgery, your doctor will make a few short incisions on your scalp, and insert a small camera on the end of a tube into the incision to view the tissue and muscles on a screen, giving them a complete view of the surgical area. At the same time, another device will be inserted to make the necessary alterations. Small anchors are used to secure the tissues once they are altered. These anchors will hold the tissue in place for years to come. Because only small incisions are made for the endoscopic brow lift, scarring is minimal and healing time is shortened, as opposed to other lift procedures. This procedure just takes a few hours, your doctor will use local anesthesia, and you can go home the same day.

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How long does recovery take?

For at least two days following your surgery, you should keep your head elevated at all times to relieve some of the swelling. Swelling and bruising are normal, and will go away with time. Your doctor may prescribe prescription painkillers for you, although with the advances in techniques and surgical procedures, pain is usually minimal and easily controlled. Other things you can expect are itching, tingling, and numbness in the surgery areas. You should plan on being off work for up to ten days following your surgery, and avoid vigorous physical activities or heavy lifting for up to two weeks depending on your rate of healing.

It is important that you closely follow your surgeon’s instructions during the healing process.

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Are there any risks with an endoscopic brow lift?

Complications from endoscopic brow lifts are rare, but occasionally they do occur. You should always watch for infection after surgery, and if you see any abnormal discharge around the incision areas, contact your doctor immediately. Other possible complications include scarring, complications with eyebrow movement, and loss of sensation around the incision areas. Discuss any concerns you have with your physician prior to scheduling your surgery.

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Will i see a dramatic difference in my appearance?

Once the swelling subsides, you will have the more youthful appearance you’ve been wanting. When you look a lot younger, you feel a lot better about yourself. The endoscopic brow lift gives patients back the self esteem that comes with looking younger and feeling better about themselves. For younger patients who have a low brow or deep frown lines, an endoscopic brow lift can eliminate the shame or embarrassment that they may suffer from looking tired or angry at such a young age. If you’re not happy with the way your forehead, eyelids, or eyebrows look or how age is affecting those areas, an endoscopic brow lift can freshen and restore your face, giving you a brighter and happier appearance.

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Further information

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